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Ship Your LTL Freight with the Top LTL Freight Carriers Serving the Eastern Region of the USA

Our Eastern LTL freight carriers will ship your freight throughout the Eastern region of the USA.  We have hundreds of contracted LTL carriers that ship freight in Eastern states such as New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Connecticut.  As well, our network of east coast carriers can pick and deliver to less populated states such as Delaware, Vermont and Rhode Island.  To learn more about our service capabilities in the eastern region, please see our service area map below.

Eastern Region LTL Carrier Services Areas

New York LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers in New York will ship your freight to most major cities including New York City, NY, Bronx, NY, Albany, NY, Queens, NY, Buffalo, NY and surrounding towns.

Massachuseets LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers in Massachusetts will ship your freight to most major cities including Boston, MA, Worcester, MA, Lowell, MA, New Bedford, MA, Quincy, MA, Springfield, MA and nearby cities.

Maryland LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers in Maryland can ship your LTL freight to and from cities like Baltimore, MD, Silver Spring, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Wheaton, MD and most surrounding towns.

Pennsylvania LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers in Pennsylvania will ship your freight to and from PA cities such as Philadelphia, PA, Erie, PA, Allentown, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Scranton, PA and nearby cities.

New Jersey LTL Shipping - Our LTL carriers serving New Jersey can ship your freight through cities like East Orange, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Elizabeth, NJ, Newark, NJ, Paterson, NJ, Clifton, NJ and nearby towns.

Delaware LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers can ship your freight in Delaware can ship your freight to and from cities including Brandy Wine, DE, Newark, DE, Wilmington, DE, Upper and Lower Christiana, DE. 

Connecticut LTL Shipping - Our ltl carriers in Connecticut can ship your freight to cities such as Hartford, CT, Bridgeport, CT, Stamford, CT, Norwalk, Waterbury, and New Haven, CT.

Maine - Our ltl carriers in Maine service Bangor, ME and nearby cities. 

Whether your LTL shipment is picking up in Eastern region or elsewhere, we strive to find you the lowest cost shipping option for your valuable LTL freight.  We specialize in shipping LTL freight at HUGE discounts thanks to our substantial shipping volume with LTL carriers like Conway Freight, R&L Carriers, FedEx Freight, SAIA, YRC, Holland, Central Freight Lines and many others.  Get a fast and easy LTL freight quote now by calling our customer service department or using the online quote request form below.

We communicate with our LTL Freight Carriers throughout the day to assure your freight is delivered as expected, and pride ourselves on proactive communication with our customers.  You can count on LTL Freight Carriers to keep you updated on the movement of your freight and provide you with the following value-added services:

* Bill of Lading Creation
* NMFC Class and Code
* Density, Linear Foot Calculations
* Same-Day Pick Ups
* Transit Time Guarantees
* Consignee Communication
* Liftgate pick up and deliveries
* Proof of Delivery Confirmation

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   LTL Freight Carriers
 FedEx Freight is one of the top LTL freight carriers. Ship LTL freight with FedEx Freight.
 Ship ltl freight with Conway, one of the nation's top LTL freight carriers.
 YRC Freight, formerly Yellow Roadway, is one of the most established LTL freight carriers for business.
 RL Carriers provides business and residential ltl freight shipping.
 Roadrunner Transportation Systems is an LTL freight company with shipping throughout California.
 Southeastern Freight Lines is an LTL company that ships freight to cities in the southeastern United States.
 Central Freight Lines is an LTL company with a complete list of freight shipping capabilities.
 Service Destinations
 Atlanta, GA LTL Carrier
 Albuquerque, NM LTL Carrier
 Baltimore, MD LTL Carrier
 Boston, MA LTL Carrier
 Chicago, IL LTL Carrier
 Cleveland, OH LTL Carrier
 Columbus, OH  LTL Carrier
 Denver, CO LTL Carrier
  El Paso, TX LTL Carrier
 Fort Worth, TX LTL Carrier
Fresno, CA LTL Carrier
Jacksonville, FL LTL Carrier
Kansas City, MO LTL Carrier
 Las Vegas, NV LTL Carrier
Los Angeles, CA LTL Carrier
 Memphis, TN LTL Carrier
 Miami, FL LTL Carrier
 Milwaukee, WI LTL Carrier
Minneapolis, MN LTL Carrier
 New York, NY LTL Carrier
 Philadelphia, PA LTL Carrier
 Phoenix, AZ, LTL Carrier
 Raleigh, NC LTL Carrier
 San Diego, CA LTL Carrier
 San Francisco, CA LTL Carrier
Tucson, AZ LTL Carrier 
 Virginia Beach, VA LTL Carrier
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